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A Dark Mystery is Unfolding...

Delve into an unsettling adventure following the boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. In the first episode, Strange Neighbors, Sally Face and his father move into an apartment filled with odd tenants and an unfortunate crime scene. Little did they know what misfortune still awaits...

Unravel the sinister mysteries of Sally's world to find the truth that lies hidden beneath the shadows.


In this story-driven adventure game, players will interact with Sal's world and his nightmares. The main path typically requires casual effort. However, there are hidden layers to be uncovered that will invoke a bit of head-scratching, for those players up to the challenge. These include bonus mini games as well as additional narrative.


The game is broken up into short episodes, of which there will be a total of five. The first three are out now and the fourth is currently in development. 

Episode Four is planned for a late 2018 release. The date will be updated as it gets closer. 


Season Pass

  • Episode Two: The Wretched
  • Episode Three: The Bologna Incident
  • Soundtracks 1, 2 & 3
  • Pre-Order of Episodes 4 & 5
  • Pre-Order of Soundtracks 4 & 5


  • English 
  • Russian 
  • German 
  • Italian 
  • Traditional Chinese  
  • Portuguese BR  

More Info: http://sallyface.com/

Support E-Mail: PortableMoose@gmail.com

Join me on: Facebook Twitter Tumblr

Also available on:


Game Jolt


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Sally Face, Episode One: Strange Neighbors 186 MB
Sally Face, Episode One: Strange Neighbors [Mac] 202 MB
Sally Face, Episode One: Strange Neighbors [Linux] 204 MB
Sally Face - Season Pass 341 MB
if you pay $14.95 USD or more
Sally Face - Season Pass [Mac] 357 MB
if you pay $14.95 USD or more
Sally Face - Season Pass [Linux] 359 MB
if you pay $14.95 USD or more

Development log


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when will the next episodes be out?!?!! omggggg

Hey, man. I don't know it's just became a tradition for me to write to you every time new episode comes out, so xD You don't even know HOW MUCH I WAITED for this episode to see the world. You never stop to amaze me and I don't know there is something special in this game, content is spooky sometimes, disgusting a little, but at the same time it’s so full of some peacefulness. And with each episode it’s just like coming back home, with this cozy atmosphere and well-known characters, that we became so fond of already :) This episode was something. I was so happy to see a new location (i.e. school) and to walk around and be an ordinary (Sally… ordinary… HA! xD) teen. I loved all the details, stuff in our gang’s lockers, so cool. Though is it really that okay that they search in each others lockers without permission? Are they THAT good types of friends? xD Also as always I can not praise you on a new Sanity Falls single. My man, you’re a human being of tons of talents :) The whole story with meat was not THAT shocking for me, I guess I even saw something like this in one of the episodes of Criminal Minds, though still nice, still nice. ALSO I FREAKING LOVED the doodle part. THAT WAS SO unexpected but SO COOOOOL. 

Also Todd’s boyfriend was a reaaaaaly unexpected part. And about Travis. Would we see more of him in future parts. Also COME ON, MAN, you can’t do that to me, who was his crush? Give me a name, a hint, point on him, ANYTHING! I’m just so curious xD In that piece of paper it was mention, that they don’t really know each other, so it’s not someone from Sally’s gang. RIGHT?

I was once again happy to see some old characters and David with his wife xD And will we some day  see what newspapers he keeps at the wall? Cause I’m so curious about it :))

And now about puzzles… Sometimes I JUST HATE you, no jokes, because that puzzle from the beginning? SO ANNOYING AND CONFUSING! Like is it the position of each exact symbol or just sequence :) And LACK OF TIME! MAN. WHY?!!!! xD Also I got stuck with not getting an achievement for beating "Clumpy" but I saw you've already fixed it :) Thaaaaanks ^_^

And also… sorry for !!SPOILERS!!! but ALIENS?!!! SERIOUSLY, STEVEN?! xD Your love for E.T. is really showing xD At first hoodie, now THIS xD 

Anyway, incredible job as always, wish you only the best of luck and kick ass with that 2 last episodes  xD 

Haha. Thank you for all the kind words! :)  The reveal of the meat isn't really the main focus of the episode, so that part wasn't meant to be too surprising for players, but more surprising for the characters themselves. Travis, well I can't comment on any future stuff but I can say that we will see the return of many characters in episode 4. The papers in David's room are not important, he just uses them to block out his window because he doesn't like people to look in. Sorry if you got stuck on the puzzles :D  I always try to include at least one difficult puzzle / side quest in each episode. The one at the beginning is about the positions but not about the obvious positioning, it's a more subtle detail (you sort of have to unscramble the hint that's given). What's in the journal is important and is actually hinted at in episode 2. Sci-fi and the supernatural are two of my favorite subjects, so that definitely impacted the story of Sally Face haha. I'm very excited for the last two episodes, as they're the most interesting to me. So I'm eager to see other peoples reaction to them. Glad you mostly enjoyed episode 3! :)

I'd be glad to help translate the first episode in french if you're interested :)

really love the game so far can't wait for episode 3 :)

I was able to complete the second chapter a while ago & I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter. There's lots of questions to answer & many more questions to raise. I'm thoroughly enjoying the story, twists & characters so far!

I've done a full let's play of the game thus far & I plan to continue with the next chapter when it's available.

Hello Portable Moose

I'm an university student in Australia studying IT and Gaming related courses and I really wish to have an opportunity to voluntary helping you with the Sally Face game. See if you are interested in getting someone involve in the development.

Here is my email if you interested in: q1210201368@gmail.com

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Both episodes so far were really awesome. Story is great and the art style is just great to look at. Glad I decided to pick this up when I did. 

WOW! This Game is very Amazing!!! :D Greets Martin

can someone help me find episode two 

The road so far... 


Finished the game and oh boy was i in shock with the ending O_O can't wait for the next episode to be released!

Episode 2 kept up with the creeps and the mystery behind murders. I liked it a lot. 

Now i want more!!!

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oh.my.GOD. I watched JackSepticEye play this game, and I don't know what it is about this game but I am IN LOVE with this style of how you play. Not only that, I love everything about this game from the amazing character builds down to the detail of the tile in the bathrooms. I absolutley cannot wait for the rest of the game to come out. The fact that Sal is a boy but has the name Sally really does something. I don't know what, but it draws me in and I can't let go. Please keep making games like this. Forever. Please. I beg of you! 

getting Steam achievements, best buds

получение достижения Steam Дружбаны на века

Hi! So I finally manage to play the second episode. Still not finished it, cause I enjoy it like a good wine xD And I kind of fear the next period of time until the next episode. So no need to rush indeed. Aaaaanyway, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts so far and bust your ego a little, man. Cause let’s face it, you deserve it. And what else are fans for? xD And I’m too awkward to use pm on twitter and email. Sooo first thing that I really liked is that you expand a little the scene of the game. Also you kind of could walk through the walls of it sometimes. Does it make scenes? xD  With going into other ghostly dimensions in our nightmares, and some other stuff. Also it was a nice surprise that you kind of add more details to the game, like posters. OH MY GOD. And can we talk about some references? I don’t even know why, I wasn’t such of a hard fan of that anime, but Vampire Hunter D reference made me so happy! And some other stuff. Also next Sanity Fall song! I waited for it for so long. I mean these small details is what makes the games so great, right? Also I liked that second song (by the way, should be expect a Sanity Fall album anytime soon? xD)  was more complex and with different voices mixing together and some glitches. It kind of fit, doesn’t it? Making it seems like there are some secret messages in it. Aaaanyway, what I was talking about before…somewhere. About detalization. Those small details like Gizmo’s plates and toilet. I think I kind of remember someone mentioning it to you before either on game jolt or here. And it was nice to see that you decided to add it. And just the pose of Gizmo at the sofa. Gosh, SOOOO FABULOUS xD  I really liked that you made this game more surreal. It’s nice. I liked all the weird creatures in Sally’s nightmare like toiler monster? anorexic pony? Charley-Terminator? Haha, well… And I definitely liked that in new episode there were much more ghost and just supernatural stuff happening. Also I liked the idea of Super Gear Boy. At first it was unusual. Cause after first episode every time our Gear Boy was glitching and lightning I was expecting a new game. But later I got used to it. Especially when those games finally actualy came xD

And man I so liked those characters, that was designed according to wishes of Kickstarter donators? I like that those characters simply exist and thats so cool.  

You know the first episode was more like «detective kind of story» with solving crimes and etcetera. But this one is so my jam, cause I’m a fan of paranormal activity and supernatural stuff. And that was so nicely put together and added to this game. I wasn’t 100% sure how you could make this game any better. But, man, you truly did. Never have I ever regret supporting you on your Kickstarter campaign. I waited so long for this new episode to see  the world. And man, you made it ever harder to wait for the next one xD Cause I think it would be even better. 

So once again I hope you face less challenges with working on the next episode that you had with this one. I hope your inspiration and motivation won’t ever leave you. I wish you all the best. Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re really great at it. Good luck ^_^ Can’t wait to see how the second episode ends and I’m already waiting for the episode 3. 

ps by the way, do you plan on adding screen resolution option. Anytime? Just curious)) And what's with the background picture near the  menu shifting from black and white Sally face  to multicharacter and back again? xD


Hey, thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the second episode! I'm very excited to share more of the story and the the wait between episodes won't be quite as long as it was between the first two. I'll keep graphics options in mind for possible future updates/features. As for the main menu, that first version that was animated wasn't playing right on all devices, so that's why I changed it. Then the black and white thing was kind of a quick fix, so I added more images with Episode two, now it'll rotate between episodes. 

Aw, thanks for the explaining and yeah, I noticed two images to different episodes thing last time I uploaded the game. So cool. Anyway, thanks once again. And I would just go and patiently wait for the next episode. Cause gosh the ending of the episode was just WOW ^_^

The passage of the two episode - all Steam achievements

The passage of the first episode - all Steam achievements

Hey I bought episode 1 about 5 days ago, and I want to buy the season pass, but I only found the download for both files. What can I do?

Hey, I'm not sure I understand your question. It should be set up so if you pay $2.99 you get episode one and if you pay an extra $11.99 then you get the season pass. Is it not allowing you to get the pass after you bought episode one? 

Will you ever release it on a chromebook? thats what I have, and I can't really get many games on it thank you!

When will episode 2 will be released?


I'm aiming for summer time

Whether the game will go on Windows XP?

Answer please

Yes it does

Is it possible that some chapter is free? , I ask because I love this game but I have to pay for the game :'(

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I found a secret once you accuse him for being the murderer you can talk to a new person andwhen most people just go out side and end the game but I cant find the coin, is this I bit of a secret?

my newest 1.1.51 version is not english ,how to change to english ?

If you download the latest version (1.1.52) you are able the change the language manually.

If it's still in another language after you have the most recent version, navigate to the fourth option on the main menu which will bring up "Options" where the third selection will be "change language."

Very intriguing game. I love the story and characters. Really want to see where this goes.

I made a video of my playthrough:

First Impressions & Gameplay

Is it 2.99$ for the whole game or per episode?

It will be $2.99 per episode

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I really enjoyed the game, amazing work Steve! Can't wait for the second episode!

Meanwhile here's a play through of the first episode.. :)


Tried the "solutions" below and they did not work... Reinstalled, everything... How do I get this game out of Russian to English?

Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now, download the latest version when you're able. Just make sure your save file is deleted (since language is stored in the save file). Let me know if you have any more issues.

I bought the game and I dl'd it for my mac but for some reason it's only letting me play it in russian? Help!

Hey, sorry you're having some troubles. Check out the conversation below to see if any of those solutions work for you. If not, let me know so I can help more.

I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

so i've been wondering, is this based on a creepypasta

It's not based on any creepypasta. In fact, I believe the original conceptualization of Sally Face (around 2007) pre-dates creepypastas on a whole.

ooohhh cool :D

Does anyone know how to get language in English?

Hi, looks like I forgot to turn off the Language menu in the newest version. It's a wip, so it shouldn't be turned on right now, sorry about that! I just uploaded new files (which are English language only) and they should be available to download whenever you're able to.

I just download the newest version from itch.io , but it's still Russian, how do I play with English :S?

Hi, sorry for this inconvenience! You probably have to delete your save file, since from the previous build it saved your game in the wrong language. To do this, close the game, go to the save location:

From PC: C/Users/<User Name>/AppData/LocalLow/Steve Gabry/Sally Face

From Mac: Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Steve Gabry/Sally Face/

Delete the file you see there, then restart the game. That should solve the issue! Please let me know if you have anymore troubles or if that doesn't work. I hope you'll be enjoying the game soon.

Thx for the reply!
I delete the file, and re open again but it's still Russian ; _ ;

Here's how I do it

Thank you for the details and sorry for all the hassle! I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

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When will the next one come out? I tried the link but it wont show up so, i need REAL info please.


Too soon for release info but I'm aiming for early/mid 2017 for ep 2

early/mid 2017 for ep 2 ????!!!!

'kin'ell , seems like long gaps between episodes for this type of game.


Not for a one man dev ;)

yeh ,for one man it's a job well done , just eager to play the rest of the story :)


Instantly fell in love with this game and its main character. Cannot wait to see where the game goes and if my suspicions are proven true

My favourite game.

I absolutely loved this game! I can't wait to play future episodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rVLuC0_7ac

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