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Will you ever release it on a chromebook? thats what I have, and I can't really get many games on it thank you!

When will episode 2 will be released?


I'm aiming for summer time

Whether the game will go on Windows XP?

Answer please

Yes it does

Is it possible that some chapter is free? , I ask because I love this game but I have to pay for the game :'(

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I found a secret once you accuse him for being the murderer you can talk to a new person andwhen most people just go out side and end the game but I cant find the coin, is this I bit of a secret?

my newest 1.1.51 version is not english ,how to change to english ?

If you download the latest version (1.1.52) you are able the change the language manually.

If it's still in another language after you have the most recent version, navigate to the fourth option on the main menu which will bring up "Options" where the third selection will be "change language."

Very intriguing game. I love the story and characters. Really want to see where this goes.

I made a video of my playthrough:

First Impressions & Gameplay

Is it 2.99$ for the whole game or per episode?

It will be $2.99 per episode

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I really enjoyed the game, amazing work Steve! Can't wait for the second episode!

Meanwhile here's a play through of the first episode.. :)


Tried the "solutions" below and they did not work... Reinstalled, everything... How do I get this game out of Russian to English?

Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now, download the latest version when you're able. Just make sure your save file is deleted (since language is stored in the save file). Let me know if you have any more issues.

I bought the game and I dl'd it for my mac but for some reason it's only letting me play it in russian? Help!

Hey, sorry you're having some troubles. Check out the conversation below to see if any of those solutions work for you. If not, let me know so I can help more.

I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

so i've been wondering, is this based on a creepypasta

It's not based on any creepypasta. In fact, I believe the original conceptualization of Sally Face (around 2007) pre-dates creepypastas on a whole.

ooohhh cool :D

Does anyone know how to get language in English?

Hi, looks like I forgot to turn off the Language menu in the newest version. It's a wip, so it shouldn't be turned on right now, sorry about that! I just uploaded new files (which are English language only) and they should be available to download whenever you're able to.

I just download the newest version from , but it's still Russian, how do I play with English :S?

Hi, sorry for this inconvenience! You probably have to delete your save file, since from the previous build it saved your game in the wrong language. To do this, close the game, go to the save location:

From PC: C/Users/<User Name>/AppData/LocalLow/Steve Gabry/Sally Face

From Mac: Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Steve Gabry/Sally Face/

Delete the file you see there, then restart the game. That should solve the issue! Please let me know if you have anymore troubles or if that doesn't work. I hope you'll be enjoying the game soon.

Thx for the reply!
I delete the file, and re open again but it's still Russian ; _ ;

Here's how I do it

Thank you for the details and sorry for all the hassle! I updated the game so this problem should be fixed. Re-download the game and make sure your local save file is deleted before launching it. Let me know if you have any more issues!

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When will the next one come out? I tried the link but it wont show up so, i need REAL info please.


Too soon for release info but I'm aiming for early/mid 2017 for ep 2

early/mid 2017 for ep 2 ????!!!!

'kin'ell , seems like long gaps between episodes for this type of game.

Not for a one man dev ;)

yeh ,for one man it's a job well done , just eager to play the rest of the story :)


Instantly fell in love with this game and its main character. Cannot wait to see where the game goes and if my suspicions are proven true

My favourite game.

I absolutely loved this game! I can't wait to play future episodes

OMG this game is great it really is ! and i cannot wait for the next episode to hit :D
i made a lets play out of the first episode :D i hope you guys enjoyed it ( it are 3 videos of 15+- minutes long )

here is the first episode:


nice game 10/10

This was such a very well made game, I really enjoyed it and i'm so hyped for episode 2 :D

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Sally Face Chapter 1 (part 1)

Here it comes finally! This game rocks!


Really looking forward to seeing more from this game, Episode 1 was fantastic and did a brilliant job of introducing us to Sally Face without giving too much away.

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Did a Playthrough on episode 1, Great fucking game btw im excited for ep 2

what happends when sale ends and u hve episode 2 out then wat can u do do u have to pay for it then

Thanks for the interest. Each episode will be the low price of $2.99

Excited to learn what happened to Sal's face. Gave this game a 4/5.


Can't wait for episode 2

First Impressions & Gameplay - Really good game! Please do support it.

Definitely going to back this one up.

Thanks for the support! :)

I'm curious to know what song the guy in the basement was playing in his bedroom?


It's called "Singular" I made this song for the game (it's not an existing band)

Man, you have to make more episodes !

Even Jacksepticeye just made a video about it:

Yeah I watched it not to long ago.

if i get the game now, when it comes out on steam do i have to buy it again or will it like transfer over to steam?

Good question! I hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't mind giving those users who have purchased the game here a Steam Key.

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And how will you know who bought the game?

Just a question, is there a plan for Episode 2?

Development info here:

And the final part of episode 1. Here's hoping the next parts come soon! Really enjoying the story!

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Just finished it and I love it! Soon I'll be putting letsplay on my channel and OMG this game!! I love the storytelling, the art, the characters, the story, the spooks and the mysteries!! You've done such a great job! Can't wait for more!

This is why I love indie games!

Also! I managed to break the poor game once XD. When I was in elevator and presed Q to show up a menu the game just weirdly freezed, I was stuck in a elevator, I wasn't able to push any button in it and I was hearing Sally walking here and there. Just noticing you if you don't know about it...

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

It sounds like you had an older version, since that bug should be fixed in the more current versions. But just in case, if you could look at what version you have (in the credits screen) and let me know that would be helpful. Thanks!

Thank you!

Well I looked at credits but didn't find anything about which version I have and I don't know where to go to find it. =(

I love this game so much and I can't wait till the full version comes out!

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