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nice game 10/10

This was such a very well made game, I really enjoyed it and i'm so hyped for episode 2 :D

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Sally Face Chapter 1 (part 1)

Here it comes finally! This game rocks!


Really looking forward to seeing more from this game, Episode 1 was fantastic and did a brilliant job of introducing us to Sally Face without giving too much away.

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Did a Playthrough on episode 1, Great fucking game btw im excited for ep 2

what happends when sale ends and u hve episode 2 out then wat can u do do u have to pay for it then

Thanks for the interest. Each episode will be the low price of $2.99

Excited to learn what happened to Sal's face. Gave this game a 4/5.


Can't wait for episode 2

First Impressions & Gameplay - Really good game! Please do support it.

Definitely going to back this one up.

Thanks for the support! :)

I'm curious to know what song the guy in the basement was playing in his bedroom?


It's called "Singular" I made this song for the game (it's not an existing band)

Man, you have to make more episodes !

Even Jacksepticeye just made a video about it:

Yeah I watched it not to long ago.

if i get the game now, when it comes out on steam do i have to buy it again or will it like transfer over to steam?

Good question! I hadn't thought about that. I wouldn't mind giving those users who have purchased the game here a Steam Key.

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And how will you know who bought the game?

Just a question, is there a plan for Episode 2?

Development info here:

And the final part of episode 1. Here's hoping the next parts come soon! Really enjoying the story!

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Just finished it and I love it! Soon I'll be putting letsplay on my channel and OMG this game!! I love the storytelling, the art, the characters, the story, the spooks and the mysteries!! You've done such a great job! Can't wait for more!

This is why I love indie games!

Also! I managed to break the poor game once XD. When I was in elevator and presed Q to show up a menu the game just weirdly freezed, I was stuck in a elevator, I wasn't able to push any button in it and I was hearing Sally walking here and there. Just noticing you if you don't know about it...

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

It sounds like you had an older version, since that bug should be fixed in the more current versions. But just in case, if you could look at what version you have (in the credits screen) and let me know that would be helpful. Thanks!

Thank you!

Well I looked at credits but didn't find anything about which version I have and I don't know where to go to find it. =(

I love this game so much and I can't wait till the full version comes out!

I like how interesting and kinda creepy the character in which you play makes me excited what shes is going to do and the overall feel to the games art and mechanics feel smooth

Heres some gameplay of the game thanks for the free play :P

Econ and Doc Frog Continue to fight off the nightmares as they finish Sally Face episode one Here

You can see them start Sally Face Here

Big love for this game! Keep up the awesome work, and also, did a playthrough in two parts, here is the first one.

I WANT MORE I Recorded a vid on it make sure to check it out on my channel Gaming with morgan


I apologize, however the game seems to randomly freeze Sal's movement after certain conversations(The inventory and pause menu are still accessible, however the arrow keys and WASD keys are unresponsive). So far I've encountered it with Lisa after talking to her son, and after getting the tea from Mr. Addison.

Everything else about the game has been head-bangingly perfect, thank you! ^^ Please let me know if you want any more info


Thanks for letting me know! This should be fixed with the new version. Glad you are enjoying it so far :)


Thank you! ^^

It really has a charm to it.

Incredibly awesome and surprising game. I really enjoyed it! :) Looking forward to the next chapter.

Really amazing game! I enjoy the graphics, story, and the creepiness to it all.

Just wanted to share our first look at Sally Face, which we loved! The perfect blend of amazing art and total creep factor.

Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Hi, okay I'm perhaps one of the latest people to the party, but I finally played your game after wanted to do so for quite a while, actually from around those times when it only appeared on itch and I was too broke to buy it haha, well... Now I'm basically felt in love with this game. I like the design, atmosphere, characters. Actually I even made a joke while playing it that young Larry reminded me about Sid from "Hey, Arnold" and than I've read that you actually like that cartoon's design and game was kind of...inspired by it a bit? I like all the small details of this game, the time it took you to make this paintings in Larry's room that represent those scenes from Sally's dream, posters, other stuff... Also you just bought me with your music and heavy metal song xD Was it really about parasite or I was just hearing things? xD And how is it possible to be so perfect? To make not only art but also songs by your own self? Incredible, man, just incredible.

I don't really know what you fixed so sorry if I'll repeat things that you already took care of, but for me the main thing that annoyed me a little was that you can go through the sides of the scene. Like there is an end of the picture but you still can go off the screen to the left or right (depending on where you're standing). It made a few things a little bit difficult, like with sleeping pills, HOW it is even possible to know that they would be off the screen if you're not just specifically going there? Also I had the same problem with that detective on the first floor, at first I didn't even find him because I thought that it would be just another useless "going of the screen". Also wouldn't it be more easy for player to just grab the pills and than mix it with tea in inventory, than going to refill the cup to be able to put the pills in it? And while we're talking about the tea. I noticed that when you use "sleep aid" it says in inventory "tea+pills", but when you're using "old laxative" it gets a little bit confusing, because it still says just "tea" and you got the item but where is it? Also is there any possibility to know about Larry's criminal record more? Because when I was talking to Lisa she was like "Oh, you and my Larry are now friends, I'm so glad. He's troubled after all but I won't tell you why". WHY did you even made that option? And I saw that there were 2 more options like "I'll keep him out of troubles". Was there a possibility to choose one of them and know more and if there wasn't, than....WHY?!

Also if we're speaking about some things for future episodes.... SAVE OPTION would be sooooo nice to have xD I mean I'm kind of a person that sometimes gets irrationally obsessed with some small little details and I would like to know all the things the other characters can say to us (when there is a possibility to only pick one) without playing the whole game from the beginning))

You know I absolutely loved the little ghosty girl that I almost missed. She's an interesting character and I would love to see her more! But seriously, man, stopping the GHOST with closed DOOR? xD I'm just being smart picky little sh*t here I know haha. Also NOW I found out about gear boy? And that I still need to find it and some batteries? How dare you?! But at least now I will have something else to figure out in the first episode until the next one is released ^^

I think you did an amazing job with the first episode and the limited time and resources you had. The story is brilliant you gave us a lot of questions (what paranormal activity they got there, who was the real killer, what was the story behind Sally's prostatic face... I seriously hope you'll tell us the story behind the last one ) but I think it also makes it harder for you now, cause your started real high and now a lot depends on the plot. But I believe in you, man, so continue what you're doing and I hope to see the next episode soon^_^ Also I kind of want to support you on indiegogo, but then you mentioned that when your game would be on steam you'll make some additional achievements maybe and bonus pictures/icons? (what are they called?). And maaaan, you can't do this!! You can't make me decide between helping you to create new episodes sooner and small silly icons on Steam! I'm a sucker for such things! I'm a collector!!! Just like Charley!!! xD P.S. Also as I mentioned I made 2-parts letsplay on this game. Yeah, I'll just put it here and once again, good luck with your game, man!!!

Hey, wow you had a lot of thoughts! :D Thanks for writing and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first episode!

The issue you're having with the screen seems to be a problem with the way your computer (or maybe video recording software?) is displaying the game. I can tell by your video that the game is being squashed vertically and cut off horizontally. I'm not sure why that would happen for you but it is not part of the games design. In the latest update, I did lock the ratio of the game, whereas before it allowed different ratios. If you get a chance, download the newest version and see if it looks any better for you. You can compare your playthrough versus the screenshots and game trailer to see what I'm talking about in more detail.

The inventory label for the tea + laxative, good catch on that! A small oversight I will correct. The Lisa conversation about Larry is a bit of an Easter Egg - if you select the right options you get a small hint at one of the themes in the next episode. I have been considering adding in Save Profiles for the next episode, I most likely will add them.

The Steam Trading Cards are free - so if I'm able to add them to the Steam version (which I would like to!) they won't cost anything. You collect them by playing the game. Though you do also have the option to trade or buy them from other players if you wish to.

Thanks for playing! I appreciate your feedback and support!

Well, I blab a lot xD Also as a creative person myself I know what comments do to our ego….eh…productiveness))

oh, okay, thank you, maybe just my resolution of the screen is messing with me, sorry if it was completely my mistake by the start

About old laxative I mean it's not a big deal, but if you want for your game to be perfect…

A hint? Oh, okay, I will explore that thing more then.

And about save profiles it's really good to hear!

Yeah I know, I just meant that you need to buy the game on Steam to be able to get them))

Oh, thanks for making it :)

If you make a donation on IndieGoGo, you can choose to get the Steam version for free ;) Just throwing that out there!

oh, thanks a lot for mentioning it :)

Super cool!! Really loved the art style! this can become something great! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Absolutely stunning and creepy game. I backed you on indiegogo I hope to see more from this amazing little series! I NEED to know what happens next!

I did a playthrough of the prologue/episode 1 for anyone curious:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it and I really appreciated your support! Thanks for sharing your playthrough as well

Hey there! I just wanted to say that I really liked this game. I like the art style and the dark concept of this game. I really hope that you make episode 2 because I want to know what happens next! If you don't mind I have made gameplay for Sally Face and I have uploaded part 1. The other's will be up soon, but I wanted to break it down to make it easier to watch.

Here's the link:

Keep up the good work!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) and thanks for sharing your playthrough!

Anyone know some similar games . . . I loved the experience of this game, and need something like it to satisfy my craving for more great content!

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You could try AGS games website they have loads of point and clicks ,most are free but you can also also check out their forum

for ' AGS Games in Production ' a lot end up as paid games.

Visionaire games forum post some free demos and info for new games coming out .

adventuregamers .com have loads of reviews for point and clicks and also a regular article on the latest and best free ones.

gameboomers .com is also a good place to find out about new adventure games and also forum to ask questions

You'd have to pay for it but this almost had a Fran Bow feel to me. I'd definitely check that game out!

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changelog ?

would be nice to know what has been updated.

It's in the description ;)

However, right now there seems to be an issue with downloading the file from itch. Still waiting to hear back from their support.

Is it fixed now ,i'd like to run through the game again

It appears to be fixed now. Apparently they were having issues with their download servers. Also just uploaded a new build!

Hey, just a heads up. I've really wanted to take advantage of your 100% off and try this out because it looks great, but it doesn't work in the itchio client. It says 'Buy Now', and then when I click it try's to save to a folder instead of open with the client and never registers in the client as bought?

Hey, thanks for letting me know! There seems to be an issue with The files aren't downloading properly from the site. I sent an email to their support and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed soon!

Thanks for looking into it. Will it stay on sale for long?

It will last for the duration of the indieGoGo campaign, which runs until Nov. 5th. So you still have some time!

Haven't heard back from yet, eagerly awaiting their response.

Hey, they finally got back to me. Apparently they had an issue with their download servers, which is why the game wasn't downloading correctly. It should be good to go now!

Heyyy, didn't realize you got back to me! I just checked and it's still doing the same thing? The client opens a new window instead of letting me download it in client?

The file isn't working :C

That's no good! Which OS are you running? I did just upload a new version, maybe try to re-download it also?

Hey dude, this was pretty interesting. I got it recorded but unfortunately it didn't catch the game sound T-T I was pretty sad. I'm always a sucker for killer stories and I'm awaiting the twists (if any) :] Wish I could give to your indiegogo campaign. Too bad I'm so broke it's not even funny :c

It's weird that when I search up prosthetic face, it doesn't really show anything concerning it. Hm... What made you think of Sal?

I appreciate you sharing Sally Face and I'm glad you liked it! I definitely understand being broke, so don't sweat it.

I'm not totally sure at what point (or how or why) Sal popped into my head. I drew an early version of him in my sketch book and then a story just started forming around that character.

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Ah, yeah, I get that too with my characters xD

I don't know if you'll explain this later on, but what's with the name Sally Face? I know it's like a fun to make fun of him. When I search up Sally Face, I get a lot of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas lol Could it be that?

I noticed that a lot of nightmare before christmas stuff pops up when you search Sally Face haha, I wasn't expecting that but I shouldn't be too surprised. I love that movie but I don't think I drew much inspiration from it for Sally Face. Honestly I can't remember where the name came from, I have a weird mind, sometimes strange things just form in there. Also, I came up with the Sally Face character about 9 or 10 years ago now D: It started as a sketch, then a concept for a short cartoon, then it was put on the back burner for a few years before I dug it up again.

Oh wow! That's a long time ago! I remember characters and the world I've made up around those years. Well, actually, it's almost 7(ish) years going on for me. The world just keeps expanding in my mind but I'm unable to put it down in words just yet xP It's killing me honestly.

Aye, I can see the strange mind at work [especially that portable moose 8)]. My mind tend to wander to more morbid territories. I have this story I've been dying to finish and I swear it started off as a light with a dark undertone story. Seems like that dark undertone became the tone itself >.> haha.

The best thing to do it just jot stuff down as you think of it. Start little notes here and there, even if you don't think you'll use them. For me at least, this does two things: gives me a reminder of the ideas I've had and also lets me come back to them later on to see if they are actually any good or not. I probably have 100's of notes/ideas floating around for different game concepts but one thing I learned early on is that ideas aren't worth much until you actually do something with them. So I encourage everyone who has a story in their head to write it down. Even if you don't plan on doing anything more with it, it could be a good exercise in self discovery. And who knows, maybe you have a little bit of gold to share with the world.

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I just loved the game! Its so good! The caracters, the atmosphere, everything in this game is just awesome!

I downloaded it when it was free, but after playiing, i'll make sure to give some suport, either by disclosure or by money.

Ps: love the artwork so much, the trace is so pretty!

(By the way, i'm brazilian, so my english may be wrong :p

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback and support! :)

(and your English is great)

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate YOUR feedback. You are awesome, as your game!


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Interesting project! By the way do you intend to release localizations for this game or it will be available only on English ?


Thanks for playing! I would love to do localizations eventually. It all comes down to if I have the funds to do so.

In case you decide to add localizations, I could help with Russian localization. I even can draw cyrllic characters to latin fonts...


Cool, I'll keep you in mind. If/when the time comes to do so, I'll also most likely post on the facebook page about it/looking for help:

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Good point and clicky ,should be on steam.

What's in the updated version ?

when is episode 2 coming ? :)

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Thanks! :) I just launched a Greenlight for Sally Face on Steam.

Right now, I'm working on Sally Face as a solo effort, in my free time. So to help give me more dedicated time to development, I'm running an IndieGoGo campaign to try and raise some funds and awareness.

For the updated version - just a couple bug fixes!

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